email marketing

maintain a constant connection with your prospects and clients.

Email is not dead. Building and cultivating an email list is vital for every business. While promoting ads across Facebook there will often be campaigns with the goal of getting a prospect to opt-in and provide their email. In order to provide value in exchange for their contact info, you may be sending them a coupon, pdf download, industry tips, the list goes on and on. This information can be sent automatically to the prospects email address immediately after they opt-in. This is called an email autoresponder.

As your email list grows, it is a great idea to continue to send those individuals a weekly or monthly newsletter keeping them up to date with your company and special events and offers. Also, you may have a promotion that you need to get out to your client base quickly and email is an excellent avenue for that as well.

There are a ton of different creative ways to market to your clients and potential clients using email. When using our email marketing services we will develop beautiful email newsletters, promotions and auto-responders that will be sent to your existing and newly developed email list. There will be call to actions mixed with captivating copy and imagery. The emails we send will not feel annoying to your audience and they will actually look forward to receiving your next digital letter.

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