Landing Pages

sometimes your website isn’t your best salesperson.

When you are driving cold traffic to a website with a ton of information it can be easy for a person to get distracted from the original reason they were there in the first place. Let’s say you’re running a Facebook Ad. The person that is browsing through their Facebook feed may only have a few minutes while on a break from work or might be paying a visit to that porcelain seat of relief. Whichever situation, the attention span is small. If you are successful in pulling them away from the meme their cousin just posted then you need to get to the point and get to it fast.

Depending on the website, the message from the ad, the product or service being promoted, it may make sense to send that traffic to your home page or what not. However, there are going to be a lot of times where using a landing page or funnel page will be extremely more efficient in getting the results you desire.

A landing page is a webpage you create that is specific to the message that the ad is delivering. All of the content included has the purpose of converting that cold traffic into a new lead, new sale, etc. These webpages will be a very useful tool in your marketing tool box. Make sure you are taking advantage of this during your marketing campaigns.

We offer this service along with our social media marketing services. When we are building out your detailed sales funnel this can be a key ingredient that will bring huge ROI’s.

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