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Mason Hill

founder / ceo

My name is Mason Hill and I am the founder of SHARE•FUL. First off, thank you for taking the time to get to know us. I've worked in a variety of fields ranging from the automotive industry all the way to being a stand up comedian. Actually, working in the different areas of the entertainment industry is what taught me something very useful, which is the art of entertaining people. I've learned what makes people laugh, what grabs their attention and how to be likable to just about anyone. Over time, I've been able to utilize these skills and techniques in developing social media content and spreading it in front of millions of people. Building my brand as a comedian and entertainer was the catalyst for me to start this company.

I truly believe I can help people with their businesses, small to large, to create content that their followers will love and that will also lead to a slew of new people engaging and wanting to learn more. It is very rewarding when making something that a person sees and thinks, "Man, I have to show this to someone.”  

That's what SHARE•FUL is about. We create and spread content that people want to share. So let us make it for you!